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Philips LHH1000


As the Creator of Compact Disc Technology, Philips has always maintained a leadership role in CD technology; the Philips LHH1000 is the culmination of those efforts. With its sophisticated lines and advanced engineering, the limited edition Philips LHH1000 says a great deal about the dedicated audiophiles who designed it and the discerning consumers purchasing the system. It says only the highest levels of performance will satisfy their demand for the best in musical reproduction.

A dual-chassis system, the Philips LHH1000 has a separate compact disc player (Philips LHH1001) and digital-to-analog converter (Philips LHH1002) that are second to none. The Philips LHH1001 was designed around the cutting edge Philips CDM-1 radialinear broadcast tracking assembly and single beam laser pickup. The Philips CDM-1 mechanism is extremely accurate and can smoothly move from track to track with an average access time of 1 second. The Philips LHH1001 was engineerd with attention paid to every detail and the vibration-resistant chassis and die-cast aluminum alloy transport eliminate any unwanted resonance for superior sound quality. Philips maximum stratgey error correction system ensures accurate playback of even scratched or soiled CDs. And, of course, the Philips LHH1000 has the favorite track selection (FTS) system to program your entire CD collection.

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