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High End Mod For Marantz CD-73

High End Mod For Marantz CD-73


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High End Mod For Marantz CD-73


Product Description

High End Mod For Marantz CD-73

Make your Marantz CD-73 really high end by replacing old capacitors and 2 Ultra High-Quality Audio pre-amplifiers.

Outstanding sound quality! You will feel the difference!

31 count. Nichicon MUSE KZ / FG and ELNA Audio Capacitor

2 count. Burr Brown SoundPlus pre-amplifiers to replace the old NE5532

The new Operational Amplifier provide are ultra-low distortion, low-noise, Superior Sound Quality operational amplifiers fully specified for audio

A true FET input stage is incorporated to provide superior sound quality and speed for performance.

Burr Brown SoundPlus High Performance Audio Operational Amplifiers

Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise 0.00008%
Channel Seperation 130db
Open-Loop Voltage Gain 120db

if you have no experience please contact a specialist to do the replacement of electronic components!


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What you should know when you make replacement

1 Mark all cables when separate circuit boards to avoid confusion in the assembly
2 All capacitors meet on parameters of old, replace them one by one so as not to get confused!
Note: All capacitors and other products are original! Quality is everything to us!
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