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Exclusive P10

Exclusive P10

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Exclusive P10

The high-class stereo player system announced at the Exclusive P3 and concurrent term.
For investigation of the musicality put into practice like P3, the technical know-how was poured in and it was manufactured by an one-set one-set handmade.

EM-10 is adopted as a phone motor part.
In EM-10, the linear torque hall motor of the coreless slotless structure which cocking does not generate is adopted, and powerful starting torque (3 kg-cm) has been obtained.
Moreover, in order to obtain the stable rotation, the ヤジロベー type SHR scheme (Stable hanging rotor) was adopted as the bearing structure, the reduction of side pressure added to bearing and the centroid of the rotation fraction were made low, and the rotation performance of 0.002% of a rotational frequency precision is realized rotation unevenness 0.007%.

EA-10 is adopted as a tone arm.
In EA-10, the level good transformation oil dumping organization in which the silicon oil of the robustness was used is adopted, and cross modulation distortion generated at the time of the improvement in trackability and a large swing play of a bass region is reduced sharply.
Moreover, it can perform easily becoming dumping-off and taking a longitudinal balance correctly by rotating an adjust ring.

In order to make the mechanical impedance of a tone arm make it flat, it carried out by having repeated the analysis and audition of the oscillation mode of all fractions, and the straight tapered pipe of the carbon fiber of head shell one is adopted. This holds down an oscillation of each fraction covering a detail, and the possible of the play is carried out by the tone quality broadly stabilized from man month to MC.
Moreover, in order to enable a using of a commercial head shell, S character type universal arm pipe is also equipped, and it enables it to correspond to almost all cartridges.

The slit scheme laminating solid board of the absent resonance was used, the unnecessary oscillation was prevented to the player, and the low centroid type insulator strong against a howling is attached to the cabinet from the upper part inside a main unit.
Moreover, finish serves as a simple design which is the Andes rosewood native wood finish and combined smoked acrylics ふ – of 5mm thickness.

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