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Marantz MA-5

Marantz MA-5

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Marantz MA-5

Monophonic power amplifier which realized the pure Class-A operation by 30 W/ch.

An ideal construction without the interference between channels is obtained by having a monophonic stream composition, and an electrical properties and a linearity are also good and make sound of a pure Class-A still more beautiful.

A changeover of a switchpoint realizes quality AB class 120 W/ch of a switching distortion and crossover distorted relative minimum a high speed high fT transistor and on the basis of an original Low-TIM design.
Furthermore, the stream composition of a platform also determines a tone quality as a first priority, and consideration of sound is carried out even to the detail.

As for the power meter, conventional not a bar graphical representation but light emitting diode are indicating the output by the point.

The high-speed response type protection network where a thermal sensor detects the temperature of a heat sink directly is adopted.

A selection of AC amplifier and DC amplifier can be performed, moreover it does not pass along SW but few gilding direct input terminals of a tone-quality failure are carried.

The power switch and the gain control are stored to the traditional sub panel.

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