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Marantz MA-7

Marantz MA-7

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Marantz MA-7

Monophonic power amplifier which carries the output stage of MOS FET.

A pure Class-A operation of Output 30W (8ohm) and AB class operation of Output 120W (8ohms) can be switched with the switchpoint of a back panel.

The phase inversion circuitry for bridge connection is built in, and the BTL interconnection can be simply performed in a circuit changing switch and attached code.
The BTL interconnection connects MA-7 to a two-set single row, and realizes the high power of 350W (8ohm).
The point that the distorted component which comes out of two more sets of amplifier is canceled, the point which the detrimental constituent resulting from grounding potential is eliminated, and a clean grounding realizes since the load current does not flow into an earth line, etc. are raising the tone quality.

In order to be able to input a compact disk player etc. direct, I have set Input sensitivity as 1V.

The inverted switchpoint which reverses 180 degrees of phases of an output is carried in the rear panel, without changing an interconnection of a speaker.
By controlling the phase of each band, relation of the sound near a crossover can be adjusted finely.

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