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Marantz SC-11

Marantz SC-11

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Marantz SC-11

Control amplifier centering on the circuitry which asked for the vast dynamic range and the high speed play in order to correspond to digital age.

The NF-CR type equalizer which performs the roll off of a high region for a low-pass turnover in NF circuitry in CR network is adopted.
And an equalizer amplifier and flat amplifier are DC unit amplifier of the perfect whole page push-pull-circuit stream composition from the input to the output, and, thereby, are improving the SN ratio in the distorted property by low NFB.
Moreover, the first rank carried the super-low-noise high gmFET+ cascode bootstrap circuit, and has prevented the ill effect of an impedance variation.
The output stage of a two-step SEPP circuit sent sufficient idling electric current, and has realized the perfect Class-A operation.

The selector and the direct switchpoint which can be directly linked with power amplifier through a volume are carried.
The freshness of sound is maintained by simple-ization of a signal line, and the SN ratio of a practical use status is improved.

The play capacity of MC cartridge is thought as important, and in order to pull out the capacity, MC head amplifier is carried.
The push pull stream composition which carried out parallel connection of the super-low-noise transistor of one-side-channel 6 stone is used for a circuitry.

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