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Marantz SC-6

Marantz SC-6

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Marantz SC-6

Control amplifier which adopted the Low-TIM construction.

Distortion of the dynamic behavior which does not appear in a data by having a whole page perfect push pull DC stream composition by a Low-TIM construction was driven in to the limit, and the beautiful signal is sent out to power amplifier.

Especially the selection of the material of phone amplifier is thought as important for the disk play with a low Output voltage. It drove in by the testing by a measurement and an ear, and the property is the minimum security value of a THD, and the value of 0.003% or less of a Cross modulation distortion and an S/N ratio of 86dB is realized 0.005% or less.
Furthermore, built-in head amplifier is considered as DC stream composition of low-noise FET adoption at the first rank, and the transistor which also attains to channel 13 stone of one side is being used for it.

A tone control circuit indispensable to a sound field correction of a listening room considers it as a right-and-left independency, and is made to correspond to a more critical balance.
And a defeet switchpoint is installed in a tone circuitry. When unnecessary, by making it jump, simple-ization of a circuitry can be attained and a high fidelity play is more possible. Moreover, a loudness control is equipped. It is the design which can choose two points, +8dB and +4dB, in accordance with a sound volume.
Furthermore, in addition to the ashes light filter which cuts the tape hiss of a tapes etc., the light filter has equipped the equalizer with the subsonic-speed circuitry which suppresses the shake of the speaker generated at the time of a record play.

phono1 is equipped with the cartridge loading selector of three positions (27kohm, 47kohm, 100kohm) in order to make the impedance between man-month type cartridge and amplifier match exactly. A more faithful disk play can be performed.

It is an interconnection possible simultaneously about two tape decks. And the dubbing switchpoint which can do the mutual sound recording between the decks.

Two sets of power amplifier hear it, it compares or an output switchpoint renewable simultaneous is equipped.

A headset jack with built-in amplifier of a full-scale special purpose of pure Class-A 0.5W.

The input/output terminal which performed the gilding treatment which prevents the tone-quality failure from a contact.

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