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Marantz SM-17SA

Marantz SM-17SA

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Marantz SM-17SA

Flexible stereo power amplifier which enabled not only an independent using but the combination using with PM-17SA.

Circuitry gazes at affinity with PM-17SA, is designed, and has adopted the current feedback circuit like PM-17SA.

The voltage amplification module adjustable HDAM circuitry original with a Marantz is carried.

The thing made from German WBT is adopted as a speaker terminal.

The warm-up meter which can check a heat up status is adopted.

The high rigidity body structure which adopted aluminum is adopted as a chassis.

Not only an independent using but a combination stream composition with PM-17SA is possible.
Moreover, the using as monophonic power amplifier by the BTL interconnection is also possible not only as stereo power amplifier.

The inlet type AC cable is adopted.

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