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Marantz SM-6

Marantz SM-6

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Marantz SM-6

Stereo power amplifier which can change a pure Class-A and AB class.

The pure Class-A operation is adopted and the output at the time of a pure Class-A serves as 30 W/ch. Moreover, it can be used also as AB class operation 120 W/ch by switchpoint change.

The material is selected carefully and adopted while introducing an advanced Low-TIM design.
There is sufficient margin for a collector loss in a power transistor, and the high speed high fT transistor which was moreover excellent in the high region property is adopted. The cut-off frequency of quantity is 90MHz, and this transistor suppressed switching distortion which was not able to avoid AB class, and, moreover, has also realized flattening of a high region phase response.
Moreover, it has a whole page perfect push pull DC amplifier stream composition in circuitry, a modification of a nakedness property is aimed at, and the amount of NF is reduced. TIM distortion is decreased without spoiling a static characteristics. Furthermore, DC drift which poses a problem with DC amplifier also controls a property by the part and DC servo circuitry which were arranged ideally, and the height of a robustness is also thoroughgoing.

In the exothermic by pure Class-A operation, a heat-pipe scheme is adopted and heat is radiated. Heat is drawn outside a circuitry by a heat pipe, and heat is radiated by the radiator.

The 22,000-micro F super audio capacitor driven in from double-sideds of a property and an audition is used for a capacitor, and it is thinking as important the rich musicality which does not appear in a data.
Moreover, the transformer was filled up with the special resin and it has succeeded in a heat-resistant measure and miniaturization.

The highly precise large-sized power meter of a logarithmic comression indication is arranged, and the Direct reading of the power at the time of an 8-ohm load intensity can be carried out. And the speaker selector in which a class A switchpoint, a power switch, two speaker changes, and a simultaneous play are possible was equipped in the traditional sub panel, and it is finished in the simple design.

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