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Marantz SM-7

Marantz SM-7

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Marantz SM-7

Power amplifier developed aiming at Low-TIM-izing.

A main-amplifier part is adopting the source follower amplifier by Dual-FET which had the perfect DC amplifier stream composition, and also arranged the pair property with the first rank, and has prevented the property failure by the impedance variation of an input stage. Moreover, it constitutes with the differential-amplifier -> emitter-follower buffer amplifier by Dual-Tr, and three-step darlington circuits which carried out parallel push pull adoption of newly developed super high fT-Tr are consisted of by the power amplification stage.
This super high fT transistor is an emitter ballast type power transistor of that time newest which was produced based on Low-TIM thought and which should also be called crystal of an LSI process technology and a RF Tr technology.
fT is a thing of the Marantz requests for price quotations which shows 60MHz, is excellent in a RF property and a switching characteristic, and has a stable amplification performance of a margin to a super-high region in spite of big Pc called 200W. Thereby, SM-7 is crossed to a super-low-pass wide band from a super-high region, and the high-speed responsibility is improving to particularly.

The large-sized power transformer which remains unmoved also at the time of the maximum continuous output in a rated load is carried in a power transformer. The secondary side has a separate volume structure into which the right-and-left channel was made to divide completely.
Furthermore, the mass type of 15000 micro Fx4 is used for a capacitor. The high power of 150W+150W is supplied calmly.

High precision meter loading which can carry out the Direct reading of the peek of an Output voltage in the wattage at the time of decibel and an 8-ohm load intensity.
The Koide power time to the time of the Oide power can monitor a tick mark without the change of a range for logarithmic compression mold.

An ASO detection type protection network is carried. If the output current and a voltage exceed an area of safe operation, a signal will be restricted to a safe value in an instant. An output transistor is protected without spoiling faithful reappearance of a music signal.

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