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Help us to create a base with audio equipment services. you know one in your city or you have a service center ?

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  1. Profile photo of Patrycjusz
    June 08, 2020 11:15 am

    first I would like to thank this company, that is preparing exclusive package for order. Nice collection of capacitors, good contact and support. Well done.

    I did the recap in SL-PS900 and it is worth it. Old capacitors keept its values after 30 years, but few ot them started to have small leakage, so this is time to renew them.

    The result? Player is on burning stage now, but the sound stage already improved. Bass is more tight, has got better control and “colour”. Mids and highs are more in 3-D dimention. This Player is really, really good.

    Sound better then those days modern CD-players for lot of monay. Try it!

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