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Pioneer PL-1200

Pioneer PL-1200

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Pioneer PL-1200

A direct-drive phone motor and the stereo record player which adopted S character type tone arm.

The direct-drive scheme which used the brushless DC servo motor for the motor is adopted.
By driving a turntable directly without a belt or an idler, the motor oscillation by the high velocity revolution of the rotation unevenness resulting from a propagation system or a motor is banished.
Moreover, the rotational frequency was automatically controlled by the electronic circuitry which consisted of a transistor and diode, and the exact rotation which is not influenced by variation of an off-site temperature or supply voltage is realized.

33 The pure electronic formula which can be held only by constant switching of an electronic circuitry is adopted as 1 / 3 or 45rpm velocity change.
Moreover, it is 33, supervising a stroboscope. It can tune independently finely by ±2% of within the limits by 1 / 3 or 45rpm each.

S character type tone arm is adopted as a tone arm, and the arm bearing part is raising the sensitivity by examination of pivot form and the quality of the material. Furthermore, the numeric value of the stylus-force tick mark shows the anti skating bias value to cancellation of the inside force as it is using the original anti skating organization of Pioneer which combined the spring and the cam.
Moreover, while the head shell has also adopted the lightweight type of a hole difference and aims at a reduction of an effective mass, trances capacity is raised in consideration of the weight balance of a tone arm.

The cartridge was made to reduce the effective mass of vibration system, and PC-330 of man-month type cartridge which has improved the separation in a high region is adopted as it.

The low capacity code is adopted as output code, and the loss in a super-high region is reduced.

Since it exchanges for a direct current by the voltage stabilizer of built-in of a power source and the motor is driven, it is not necessary to exchange a pulley with the line frequency of 50Hz/60 Hz.

The cabinet of a double structure which combined the metal base and the wood of rosewood finish is adopted as a cabinet.
Moreover, an oscillation is suppressed by the possible insulator of a height coordination, and the extraneous vibration is reduced.

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