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Pioneer PL-L1

Pioneer PL-L1

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Pioneer PL-L1

The linear tracking player which solved the hangup which had become a neck by developing and carrying a linear D.D> arm until now.

The linear D.D. arm on which Pioneer developed it newly in order to carry out horizontal displacement of the firm arm base precisely and calmly is carried, and the factor which gives a harmful noise and oscillation by this is put into practice and eliminated.
Since the linear D.D. arm can change the magnetic-repulsion power by electrical energy to a translatory movement as it is,It has become structural very simple, and differs from an old scheme fundamentally, and a rotary motor is begun, a toothed gear, a belt, thread, or propagation organizations, such as け, can also be unnecessary at all, and the arm base can be driven direct.

In order to make the arm base certainly follow in accordance with the amount of migrations of the needle point which traces a record sound track, the arm deviation detection organization in which it does not contact [ which combined cds and a lamp with the arm installment part ] is adopted. By applying this detection output to the differential amplifier, the servo system which supplies a required quantity of an electric current is constituted.
And since this arm deviation detection angle is a minute angle of 0.2 degree, a quick correction is possible,Furthermore, in order to carry out a response correction correctly also not only to the orientation of record inner circumference but to the orientation of the perimeter, even if an arm deviation detection organization makes a record with eccentricity trace, it does not have a care of unnecessary side pressure being applied to the needle point, and demonstrates high trackability.

With a linear D.D. arm, a bothways servo system is used with the Output voltage of the generator interlocked with the part of revolving arm delivery, and smooth arm delivery can be performed.
According to the orientation and velocity which touch an arm delivery knob with a finger lightly, and turn it to it and which are been [ a velocity / it ] sufficient and rotated, an arm moves an operation, and the feel of a fingertip becomes an arm movement as it is. For this reason, a needle is taken down from the middle of a record and a performance can be started freely.
Since this arm delivery organization serves as a safety design which is not committed during a record performance, there is no care of damaging the needle point and a record accidentally.
Moreover, since an arm deviation detection organization and a bothways servo work automatically and move the arm base by moving to right and left with the finger hook of an arm, the same operation is possible with the same sensation as a manual player.

The symmetrical straight arm is adopted as an arm.
Since it is the effective length’s short short type, while the inertial mass of an arm becomes small, an equivalent mass is also reduced and trackability is raised.
The material was an aluminum alloy with a high intensity, since it had not performed the bending manipulation, its distortion inside a pipe decreased, and it has controlled the harmful vibration.
Stylus-force impression has adopted the dynamic balance scheme.
Moreover, it is a universal arm and equipping with various cartridges in the world is possible.

The 1.4kg arm base which gave sufficient intensity is adopted as the arm base.

The arm height adjustment mechanism is adopted and a proper vertical tracking angle is obtained in accordance with the cartridge to be used.

SH and the rotor (Stable Hanging Rotor) scheme which moved the supporting point (bearing) of the rotor to immediately under the turntable are adopted as an actuator.
The location of a centroid and the supporting point is coincided mostly by this, and it is stopping with [ of the turntable ] ふ.

The high torque brushless DC servo motor which carries out the constant-speed drive of the turntable of inertial-mass 380 kg-cm2 within 1/4 rotation (about 1 second) is adopted as a motor, and it has become the design which does not cause a rotational frequency variation to the load intensity of tone arm about 150 duties of 1.5g of stylus forces.

The high-density needle-leaf tree particle board which took the measures against a howling was adopted as the cabinet, and the large-sized insulator which can be height adjusted up to 6mm is adopted as an insulator.

It is possible to have adopted the electronic arm elevation organization which adopted the exclusive DC motor, and to make an arm go up and down smoothly.
Furthermore, a turntable is also promptly stopped at the same time it also carries the electronic auto up organization in which an arm is immediately floated from the face of a board and an arm carries out an auto up after the termination of a record performance.
Excessive side pressure is not applied to the needle point for no contacting type.

The high oxygen-free-high-conductivity-copper line of conductivity is adopted as all the cables of a signal transmission system.
Furthermore, the output jack and the terminal pin have plated with gold.

The acrylic cover of 5mm thickness is carried.

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