High End Mod For Denon POA 1500

High End Mod For Denon POA 1500


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Product Description

Denon POA 1500 High End Mod

Make your POA 1500 really high end by replacing old capacitors and 2 Ultra High-Quality Audio pre-amplifiers.

electrolyte capacitors with the years grow old and lose their qualities,
it is important for audio equipment if you want to enjoy quality sound!

Outstanding sound quality! You will feel the difference!

What is included in kit

Audio capacitors

43 count. Elna Audio, Nichicon MUSE KZ / FG, W├╝rth Elektronik Germany,

A true FET input stage is incorporated to provide superior sound quality and speed for performance.

Burr Brown SoundPlus High Performance Audio Operational Amplifiers

2 pre-amplifiers to replace the old NJM082d

The new provide Low Noise, Precision, High Speed
Ultra High-Quality Audio

Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise 0.00008%
Channel Seperation 130db
Open-Loop Voltage Gain 120db

if you have no experience please contact a specialist to do the replacement of electronic components!


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What you should know when you make replacement

1 Mark all cables when separate circuit boards to avoid confusion in the assembly
2 All capacitors meet on parameters of old, replace them one by one so as not to get confused!
Note: All capacitors and other products are original! Quality is everything to us!
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