Sony CDP-XA2ES Upgrade Kit Audio Capacitors

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Kit includes 50 Nichicon audio capacitor.

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Product Description

Sony CDP-XA2ES Upgrade Kit Audio Capacitors

electrolyte capacitors with the years grow old and lose their qualities,
it is important for audio equipment if you want to enjoy quality sound!

Recap / Renew the capacitors it is a complete set of all electrolytic capacitors.

Nichicon KZ MUSE, FG Fine Gold, FW, KW, ES MUSE

Kit includes 50 Nichicon audio capacitor.

( Power Capacitors Included )

The new audio capacitors is for best performance made for audio equipment.

What you should know when you make replacement

1 Mark all cables when separate circuit boards to avoid confusion in the assembly
2 All capacitors have the same parameters like old (Uf) , replace them one by one so as not to get confused!

Why should change the electrolytic capacitors?

1 Electrolytic capacitors are among the most important in an audio equipment and replacing them with high-quality capacitors from the factory will improve the sound quality

2 Electrolytic capacitors have life of work 1000-2000h then begin to lose their qualities

3 The use of Audio-Grade Capacitor Nichicon / Elna which are made specifically for audio equipment from high-end will make your machine in good times higher

Note: All capacitors and other products are original! Quality is everything to us!

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