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Sansui QS-1

Sansui QS-1

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Sansui QS-1

An extraordinary stereo achievement, the QS-1 is having a profound impact on the entire world of stereo in two ways. First, it permits stereo enthusiasts to continue to use and enjoy their present 2 channel stereo equipment and program sources while moving into the new audio era.

And secondly, it is obviating the need for 4 channel equipment and program sources per se because, as distinguished audio technicians have attested, the QS-1 actually surpasses any 4 channel devices yet developed in terms of sound field brilliance.

This remarkable reproduction is accomplished through the use of an exclusive new decoding matrix which establishes more distinct images of original sound sources than ever before, and through a technique called phase modulation by which direct and indirect sound waves are fused to precisely duplicate the way they would be heard in concert hall surroundings.

In addition, the QS-1 so dramatically improves the smoothness and dynamic range of reproduced sound that even compact speaker systems can render sound as life like and powerful as that heard from much larger systems.

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