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Studer A807

Studer A807

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Studer A807

Highly stable die-cast aluminum alloy chassis for the tape transport, the headblock, and other assemblies. The new design extends the possible tape capacity and allows operation with 1000m standard tape.

■ Hall-commutated brushless DC capstan motor with capacitative tacho sensor for highly accurate tape speed and outstanding acceleration and deceleration rates.

■ Fast tape deck with high tape spooling speeds and gentle processing of the tapes by electronically controlled tape tension, 2 controlled AC spooling motors with photoelectric tacho sensors and noncontacting tape tension sensor.

■ Precision electronic tape counter with real-time indication. Photoelectric scanning of the guide roller rotation.

■ Easy editing: motor-assisted with variable spooling speed (SHUTTLE mode) or manually by turning the right-hand reel (one-handed editing). For cueing in spooling mode, the high end of the frequency response is lowered.

■ Monitor speaker below the tape deck cover or in the penthouse.

■ Manually operable shield above the reproduce head; can remain closed in spooling mode.

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