The Best Vintage CD Player of 80’s

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The Best Vintage CD Player of 80’s

The CD was conceived in a meeting between Philips (then known as Royal Philips Electronics) and Sony in 1979. The two companies argued about what size, shape and technology the CD should support. It was eventually settled on a disc of 115 millimetres in diameter and 74 minutes worth of storage.

Sony CDP-701ES / Year: 1984

Sony CDP-701ES

Sony CDP-701ES Presented by Michael Jackson and Billy Joel’s Keep-Michaeling-3-niks9-MJ-michael-jackson-24619392-1280-761

The first CD player was the oh-so trendy Sony CDP-101 for the insane price of $US1000. It was seen as far too cost prohibitive for the average consumer to buy but it was the first portable, durable CD player the world had ever seen.

Marantz CD-73 / Year: 1983

Marantz CD-73

The Marantz CD-73 therefore comes in the middle category as far as features and displays are concerned. It scores high marks for smooth operation and smart appearance-having the attractive finish of all the current Marantz

Denon DCD-1800 / Year: 1983

Denon DCD-1800

The DCD-1800 employs a Denon Super Linear Conventer to prevent degradation of sound quality in the PCM playback system, assuring accurate reproduction of recorded sound. The CD player is capable of reproducing the actual musical scene as it is in conjunction with carefully selected parts.

Yamaha CD-1 / Year: 1982

Yamaha CD-1

Yamaha released its first CD Player in 1982, just after the birth of the CD. Its groundbreaking features included a slide-out disc loading drive mechanism rather than tray-loading, component-style front controls, a mirror that let you see the recorded side of the spinning disc, and an LED bar graph that showed the approximate position of the pickup. For an era familiar only with the analog record, it was probably a natural assumption that the disc and pickup were meant to be seen during play.

Technics SL-P10 / Year: 1982

Technics SL-P10

The SL-P10 was Technics’ first CD player. The dedicated circuitry consisted almost entirely of newly developed LSIs and ICs. Direct drive was achieved using a DD motor.

Philips CD100 / Year: 1982

Philips CD100

The Philips CD100 was launched on the 1st October, 1982 – and with it the new Compact Disc format – and as far as the music industry was concerned it was not before time.

Pioneer P-D70 / Year: 1984

Pioneer P-D70

Pioneer’s P-D70 digital Compact Disc player provides a full complement of deluxe programming and operating features.

begins a new era in the music industry…

cd revolution

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