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Yamaha CD-2000

Yamaha CD-2000

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This was a high grade unit that was the first to incorporate Yamaha’s two original LSIs and played a major role in the development of the high performance, low cost CD Player. Standardizing the basic platform with a focus on the control system, this model led to the establishment of a rational approach to further raising the design quality of high end CD Players. In addition to the VM Stabilizer, a copper-plated steel plate attached to the back of the audio board and developed based on the VMA vibration modulation analysis method to determine the effects of vibrations during CD playback on sound quality, its features like a double bottom structure and cast iron heavy insulator gave it a high frame rigidity that helped produce a clear sound image and massive bass. It also featured a powerful power supply unit with even lower impedance and variable output allowing remote control operation, and electric analog volume control with direct connection to the power amplifier. With the linear 16-bit single DAC device, the independent left and right digital filters had an irregular configuration. This model was produced in two styles, the CD-2000 with black panels and the CD-2000W with silver side wood panels.


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