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Yamaha CDX-10000

Yamaha CDX-10000

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The CDX-10000 was released in 1987 as part of the Monumental Products Yamaha 10000 Series to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Yamaha’s founding. Forming a four-part system together with the MX-10000 Power Amplifier, the CX-10000 Control Amplifier and the HX-10000 Phono Equalizer, it was intended to handle the demands of all media past, present and future. An exclusive product with all-new design, the circuit configuration was based on the era’s latest High Bit Digital (18-bit operation 4x oversampling digital filter + floating point processing 18-bit operation D/A conversion) also used in the CDX-2200, with a low-pass filter combining a fifth-order new active filter and complete DC coupling, and a new CD mechanism featuring a thick broadcast studio-quality 4.5mm diameter motor spindle, a linear motor drive pickup with ultra-high speed 0.7-second access from innermost to outermost track, and four motors. The High Rigidity 2-Box Double Chassis housed the digital and analog components independently in separate compartments, bringing together the values of separate units in a single body. It employed a floating structure using elastic mounts and dampers, and the thorough cutoff of external vibration and absorption of internal vibration were in keeping with the trends of the day. The 10000 series was the origin of Yamaha’s characteristic titanium exterior body color still popular today.


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