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Denon DP-35F

Denon DP-35F

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Denon DP-35F

The DP-35F features Denon’s dynamic servo tracer system to control low frequency resonance in the low mass straight tonearm.

It has outstanding anti-howling characteristics achieved by a cabinet made of HDC (high density compound).

The lightweight straight tonearm extracts the maximum performance from today’s high compliance cartridges.

Finally, the unit is fitted with Denon’s unique magnetic record detection system.

Drive system: servo controlled direct drive

Speeds: 33.33 and 45rpm

Wow and flutter: below 0.012% WRMS

S/N ratio: over 78dB

Platter: 30mm aluminium diecast

Motor: Linear drive

Speed control: servo by frequency detection and phase servo control

Tonearm: dynamically balanced, straight tube

Effective length: 220mm

Overhang: 16mm

Auto system: electronically controlled fully automatic

Cartridge: DL-60 MM type

Stylus force: 1.8g

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